A little reminder of Healthy living

Vitamins and Minerals

For the Human body to function properly it needs the right vitamins and minerals.
On this first chapter I'll try to explain some of the good things they do for the body, how it affects the body if u lack it and when not to take them...

Vitamin A
Vitamin A comes in 2 forms. 1. It is in animal products like Liver, eggs and butter. 2. as Betacaroten, that the human body converts to vitamin A, when it's needed. - though it also appears in fruits and light vegetables.

Vitamin A gives the body the ability to healing wounds. It's good in the fight with cancer and it's making your night blindness go away.

If u lack Vitamin A, U can get long headaches, skin-problems and your hair will become very dry.

Vitamin B1
Tiamin is the main ingredience in our nervesystem, heart, arteries and muscles.
It helps in the treatment of most nerve-sicknesses and is unique in the ability to protect against unbalancing if u have an alcoholic problem.
Tiamin is in all plants and animal-products, though the good sources are: Whole grains of any sort, Brown rice, fish and peas/ beens and the like.

It's good for our nervesystem and for the stomach and Colon/ Ileum to work.
It also helps us to handle stress.
We use it in the treatment of Anemia.

If u lack Vitamin B1 (Tiamin), U can get...
Bad memory, Nausea, Beri-beri, Sleeping toes and under the feet, Depression, Muscel weaknesses.

If u are a smoker, If u drink more than 14 bears/ glasses of wine per. week, If u are pregnant or if u take birth-control-medicin u should get at least 100 to 300mg per day.

If u are getting stressed either at work or home, u properbly are in lack of Tiamin.

Vitamin B2
B2 protects the body from cancer, it helps to get a healthy skin and hair.
It's vital for the energyproduction of the body. It stimulates the body for athletic behavior. It's normal to lack this vitamin.

If u lack B2 it normaly gives u dry skin, a red tounge, exem/ rash on the dermis and in the crotch. It can also make u sleepy.

Cheese is a rich source for B2.

Vitamin B3
This vitamin gives the body a healthy digestion and lowers the bloodpressure.
It helps the body to liberate the body from drugs and other toxins.
Vitamin B3 can be found in liver, whole nuts, peanuts, eggs, advocats and fish.
Vitamin B3 helps the respiration of the human cells.
Vitamin B3 produces energy of suger, fat and protein.

If u lack Vitamin B3: skin-sickness and diarea

Vitamin B5
B5 is good for the immun system. It stimulates the healing of open wounds. It prevents the body from getting tired. It protects against heart conditions.

If u lack Vitamin B5: Vomitting, Cramps, Low resistance against sichnesses, stomach ache.

Vitamin B6
B6 is nessesary for Vitamin B12 to get absorbed. More than 60 enzymes needs B6 to get absorbed into the body.

Gonna update this in this week - with these Vitamins: B6, B12, Folic acid, C, D and E - then gonna work on the minerals after that. Before I'm gonna get some of the other almost fatfree but delicious recepies for all u US citizens and anyone else that reads these pages.

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