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April - June 2009

New: It is possible to get a Quad (ATV) in Denmark, for a new one 10.000 USD or more - for a used one apx. 2000 USD or more... In Denmark u can buy a Quad and drive it on the road as a car, though u have to get plates and ligths for it - and u have to pay the taxes as a normal car. Though u also can drive offroad with it as well.

At the buttom of this page u can see the actual milage (kilomieters)
I've been riding. - is updated the 4th of June.
(remember if u Call from DK or not from the US - remember the country-code: my cell-phone-number is: 1-646-468-7177)
As I'm back in Denmark now - my cell-phone-number is: +45-50-90-60-01

As I'll be writing from public libraries the rest of my vacation, will the photoes first be updated when I get back to Denmark.

25. of June
Friday the 5. of June - Met a photographer from Tuscan, AZ - talked with him for about an hour, just east of the Winchester Bay Lighthouse. Drove in really hilly terrain. And my chain broke for the first time, luckely just 1 mile north of a bicycle repair shop.
Saturday the 6. of June - Drove through hilly terrain also today -and went out of Seven Devils Road just north of Bandon, OR. There's a reason it's called Seven Devils Road. Seven nice "hills" with a climb in the terrain of at least 8% and up to 12.4%.
Sunday the 7. of June - Met the photographer from Tuscan, AZ today again. Talked for about 2 hours, before driving to Gold Beach in the southern of Oregon.
Monday the 8. of June - Are now in the northern parts of California, driving through the Red Woods. As I've met all the guys from the Game: Dark Age of Camelot, and I've got no sponsors what so ever. I've decided to take the plane home a little earlier than anticipated. Also because I'm paying the whole trip. San Francisco and LA must wait for my next trip to the US.

Thursday the 11. of June - Taking a plane from Crescent City, CA to San Francisco and further on to Seattle, OR and finaly Kastrup, Denmark where I arrived friday the 12. of June. As my internet have been down until the 25. of June, I haven't been able to update this site.
It was nice to get home again, to the danish summer. Even though the rain poured heavily from the grey sky on my arrival.
Wanna say thx. to all u guys I've been visiting in the US. It's been a real adventure to bicycle through the states and seen u guys/girls. I'm definatly gonna visit u again in the future.
But have been driving above 2600.14 miles (apx. 4183,621 km) on the trip. A third of the original plan. But still a good bike ride.

4. of June
Tuesday the 26. of May - Halfway through my vacation. Have sent some of my winter cloth back to Denmark, though my bag is not lighter, as I've bought some cloth, shoes, and other stuff over here in the US.
Here in Portland the temp. has been up on at least 120 degrees F. in the sun as my bicycle computer won't go any higher.
Friday the 29. of May - have now been driving above 2000 miles.
Sunday the 31. of May - Drove from Portland today and 48.56 miles South-west to a town called McMinnville, OR.
Monday the 1. of June - Drove to the coastal town: Lincoln City - have today been driving 53.04 miles
Wednesday the 3. of June - Drove from the norhtern part of Lincoln City to the town of Florence a little trip of 85.23 miles.
Friday the 5. of June - will be driving towards the town of Bandon, OR - hopefully it stops the rain by friday.

25. of May
Talked to Rob from Springfield, MO today. A couple of days after I flew to Portland, OR -Springfield was hit by a tornado.
Was in Seattle with Sanja and Angelko, Saturday the 23. of May. Met some of his friends from up there in Washington-state. Anna, Sheena, Rosemary, Gregory and a few others.
Sunday we went to a BBQ at Mike and Carols, place. Got both Sanja and Angelko to play the piano, even a little piano lesson for the others in our company. Was out bicycling on the Springwater Corridor and off-roading on Mount Butte.
Have now been driving 1875 miles (3016,875 km).
Today I got my BROMPTON fixed at CleverCycles in Portland on the corner of SE 9th st. and Hawthorne.

21. of May
My BROMPTON will go to the repairshop next monday to get new cabels on breaks and gear, before leaving Portland.
I've now been driving 1800 miles.
It's nice here in Portland, been biking a lot in the streets without getting honked at by passing cars. In this city there's a lot of bicycles and runners.
There's even a BROMPTON bicycle shop here in town.

17. of May
Left Portland on friday and arrived to Sunriver, near Bend, OR 3 hours after. Angelko drove his motor bike, Mike and Carol Yee drove their truck and 2 bikes on the trailer. I drove Angelkos car with Sanja, Angelko's sister and our luggage.
Took my bicycle with us. I've been out in Sunriver driving the trails in the area, while Mike, Carol, Sanja and Angelko have been biking .outside the area on their motor bikes.
Drove apx. 40 miles yesterday so I'm now on 1717 miles (apx. 2700-2800 km'ers)
Gonna upload pictures when we get back to Portland. Maybe I'm gonna stay in Portland up to a month, learning the dance of Salsa and bicycling the city on my BROMPTON.

14. of May
Is now in Portland, Oregon. Arrived Tuesday night at 11:45 pm.
Went to Robs work at Greene County, Springfield Jail on Sunday the 10. of April. A lot different from danish Prisons. Was nice to meet some of his co-workers and to see a US-jail from the inside.
As the weather still is severe in central USA I decided to take a bus, train or plane to Portland, Oregon. Finaly I took the plane from Springfield, MO at 3:40 pm to Dallas, Texas and from there to Portland, OR, where I am now.

Angelko and his sister whom is visiting from Serbia picked me up at the airport. As of now there's 9 hours difference between Denmark and the states of Oregon, Washington and California.
Gonna be staying here in Portland with Angelko and his sister for a couple of weeks before heading south towards Los Angeles, CA.

Portland is one of the US, bicycle-cities. I even found a BROMPTON-bicycle-shop and got me an extra pair of tires and tubes.

Was out yeasterday night and had 2 lessons dancing Salsa, so today I'm hurt in my lower thighs and my backside. But learned also a good excercise I can do, when I'm taking a break from the bicycle. I'm definatly gonna go to Salsa when I get home. It's a good "sport" if u wanna keep ur upper body in shape and at the same time have a lot of fun.

Tomorrow we'll leave Portland city and drive up to some of Angelkos friends. Angelko is taking his motor-bike and I'm gonna drive his car.

7. of May
Arrived at Rob's house in Springfield, MO yeasterday, and were out buying the solar-charger for my cell-phone, I-Pod, Digital-camera, etc.
Will from now on have my cell-phone on, 24 hours a day.
But for u guys in Denmark, remember that I'm 9 hours behind ur time, if u decide to call me. The number will be in the top of this page.
Gonna stay here for about a week before taking the Greyhound to Portland, OR.
Plan's changed because of the weather and because I'm on my last tires/ tubes on my BROMPTON-bicycle. But I will bicycle from Portland and down through the west coast of the US.

28. of April
Is now leaving Terra Heute (Tera Ho), IN and driving into the state of Ilinois. After my gear broke down, saturday afternoon, I called Jerry. Jerry and John picked me up on HW41 and drove me to Terra Heute. Have been staying on a Motel until today. Got my gear fixed yeasterday and drove around the town before returning to the Motel.
Gonna drive like this to Springfield, hopefully without any more problems. Will be staying on Motels this week as the wheather channel has promissed more severe wheather. Hopefully that will soon be over.
Will be driving on HW41 - west, then turn south on HW51 and Old HW 51 until I reach HW60-west - that will drive me right into Springfield, MO.
Haven't been able to find the Solar-charger for my cell-phone in any stores. Hopefully I can get one in Springfield. If that is the case - I'll upload my cell-phone-number as soon as I get it.

25. of April
The last two days and the next 3 days, the wind should be apx. 20-25 mph. Unfortunately I've got the wind against me. I'm writing this from a Motel in Kentland, IN. The temp. should today and the next couple of days be above 70 at daytime and above 40 at nighttime.
Today the weather could be severe. I'll try to bicycle as far as possible. If I can't reach Boswell, IN or Attica, IN - I'll maybe be turning back North to Kentland, until the wind settles down just a little. Today there could come thunderstorms and Hailstorms with hails as big as golfballs.
 (Now I know - what they're talking about when they say Severe Wheather in the US.)
I hope that Jerry and John have more luck with the swimmingpool, than I have with the wheater. 😀
Have been doing apx. 10-15 miles each, the last 2 days. I can bicycle apx. 3-5 mph, in this wind. 😥

22. of April
Wanna say thank you for the painting that Nicole made me. And thank you to Perry and Nicole for sending it to my friend Lasse W. in Denmark.
Want to say thank you to Jerry, Susie (hopefully u'll "pop" soon), Jonathan, the dogs Pandora and Milky for letting me stay at your house this past week.
Thank You, Jerry for letting me get a whole bunch of friends here in Knox and it's vicinity. Friends like the biker-redneck-Rock'n'Roll-Son of the South- Matt, Josh, Abe, Perry and Nicole. Thank you for letting me get sore feet and hands while riding the quad. Need those in Denmark.
Thank you to all Jerry's friends and family for letting me get to know u.
As I've said before to some of u guys - There's not a lot to see in, in Knox - But there's lot to do. While in NYC there's lot to see and not much to do.
Be proud of living in Knox. Great village, great sand dunes, nice to have ridden the quad in Perrys back yard, jumping, going throug the ditch and swamp.
Thank you for the Barn Fire. I'll never forget my stay here. And Yeah!!! I will be back some day.
Leaving today and going towards Springfield, Missouri.

To Disco - I should be in the state of Missouri in 9-12 days depending on the weather. I'll call u when I hit the state line.

21. of April
Helped Jerry and John, one of Jerrys friends, yeasterday. As John is building af swimmingpool in the backyard for his kids and of course also the adults.
They have a large trambolin in their backyard as well. Played with his kids and Jonathan on that one. It's been a long time since I last was on a trambolin. Today if the weather holds John, Jerry and I're gonna take a bike ride on bicycles in or out of Knox.
The plan for me is to leave tomorrow and head to Springfield, Missouri - where the next "major" stop will be.
On Perry's request I've been making a new page called: USA recepies.
On that page I'll update some recepies that are easy to make, tastes good and are have less fat in 'em.
Made dinner for Jerry, Susie and Jonathan last night. Even Perry got a plate.

19. of April
Was out with Jerry, Perry, Josh, "Long hair, Redneck, Rock'n'Roll, Biking son of the South" and 2 other guys and a woman, in sand dunes riding the quad. One of them even had a 4-wheeler that had 4 wheel drive and automatic gear on it. Think this will become the new sport in Denmark, if not, it should be.

18. of April
Met Steve (The big Oger) today. And aye he's big. Also going to a dragrace today with Jerry. Gonna leave tomorrow if the weather holds.
Been some good days here in Knox, IN. Met some good friends of Jerrys, have been driving the quad alone and with Jerrys son Jonathan on the speeder. Uploaded a great many pictures and updated this site a bit.
Next stop will be Springfield, MO.

16. of April

Today we've been out riding the quad. again. Got some good pictures from it and uploaded them here on the site. Got all muddy from top to bottom. As of now our shoes and cloths are in the washer and we all need to take a bath, before bedtime.

Arrived in Knox, Indiana the 14. of April. Jerry and one of his friends picked me up apx. 50 miles south of Knox. Have had the wind against me all day.
I'm staying at Jerry's with him, his son Jonathan and his 9 month, pregnant girlfriend, Susie.
Gonna stay in Knox at least until Saturday the 18. of April. So I can meet Steve (Oger) and the two others that play DaoC here in Knox. (Lady Oger and MissWinston)

Was out yesterday and drove a "Quad", got some pictures of me driving it, and gonna upload some pictures of that as soon as I get em.

Next stop will be Springfield, Missouri (MO)

12. of April
This was a very good day, the wind was with me and I'm now in the flat lands of Ohio. Drove today 81.03 miles (130,37km) today.
Met a very friendly man in Springfied, OH, yeasterday. He helped me out of Springfield and told me that he drive his bicycle everyday 10-50 miles. Thank You Jon for the pictures gonna see if I can upload em here in Knox, Indiana - and Thank you for the help out of the city.
Today I found a bicycle route that has been made from Gaston, Indiana (Delaware County) all the way to Blountsville, Indiana (Henry County)

8. of April
Is today driving from Wheeling, MA. Have been on motel here the last 2 days as it began to snow and hail and the High temp was apx. 35 and the Low temp. was 28 degrrees Fahrenheit

2. of April
After drying my tent in the sun it was time to get on with my "little" trip, cross the US.
I'm apx. 5-7 miles from Keysers Ridge at 5pm in the afternoon I've decided to stop for today as I've got my second flat on the backtire today. Though I've been climbing 4 mountains today: 2 on 2900 feet, 1 on 2860 feet and the highest on 3075 feet.
I'm around 125miles (200km) from the State of Ohio.
Me on the quad and Jerry from Knox, Indiana at Perrys place.

January-March 2009

29. of March
Was awaken by a park ranger as the National State park was closed I couldn't stay there. I packed up and drove the hte village of Hancock, MA.
The weather here has been a little strange for the season.
Started out with grey skyes - though good weather to bicycle in, after 2-3 hours it was sunny skyes - in the afternoon, after I talked to my family in Denmark it began to hail. 3 times with hail as big as 1 cm in diameter. I had to go off the bicycle and bend forward and cover my hands so they wouldn't get hurt by the hails. Have taken some historical pictures of Marylands Railroad.

28. of March
Bruce and I followed a bicycle path out of the area - and Bruce told me to stick to route 40 (The historical route) until I hit the state of Indiana and then take route 35 to Knox.
And one more time ty for letting me stay with u and ur familly.

27. of March
Met Bruce Artim in the center of Washington D.C. - I was trying to get out of the city and stood with my map in my hand. He was also on a bicycle on his way to another who bicycle in the city. He showed me a good way out of D.C. as the sun went down and it began to rain he drove home to his place and told me I could sleep in their basement.
I want to say thank you for the hospitality with Bruce and his family, and thank you for letting me stay that rainy night at ur home.

23. of March
Is now on my second stage of the trip.
Arrived to Newark Airport the 14. of March and tryed to bicycle out of the airport, but was stopped by the airport-police. U can't drive on bicycle out of that airport.
I then took the train to Pennsylvania Station, NY.
Bicycled down and payed my respects to Ground Zero, NY.
After that I drove to the G.W. Bridge ( George Washington Bridge), and began my tour.
My first night in my tent and sleeping bag was in a small town: Oradell, NJ

My second sleepover was up in the mountains after I'd been driving for about 80km (apx. 60 us-miles).

3rd night I also slept in the mountains after been driving 65km (40 us-miles)

Thursday the 19. of March, I Arrived to the small village of Hancock. As it was below 32 degrees at night up there I decided to take the bus to Buffalo.

In Niagara Falls it was even colder, so I got into a Motel. And stayed there for until Sunday where I took the Amtrak (Train) to Philadelphia and a local train to Media.
Stayed also in a Motel in Media until today, where My trip will continue.

I'll try to update it further when I get down to the following Cities:
Washington D. C.
Indiniapolis, IN
Topeka, KS
Denver, CO
Portland, OR
San Francisco, CA
And of course LA

My visum is running out the 13. of September - so that'll be the day or earlier that I'll be comming home to Denmark.

12. of March
This is the last time I'll be writing while sitting in Denmark.
All is packed and I'm ready to take in the US soil, it's people, culture, nature etc.
"US here I come"

25. of February

Cloth on the trip:
1 bicycle jacket
1 raincoat + pants
1 sweatshirt with windstopper
1 sweatshirt wo (without) windstopper
3 normal T-shirts
2 bicycle T-shirts wo windstopper
1 bicycle T-shirt with windstopper
3 tights
2 normal shorts
3 bicycle shorts
1 pair of bicycle pants with windstopper
1 pair of bicycle pants wo windstopper
1 pair of normal jogging-pants
7 pairs of bicycle socks

1 pair of bicycle boots
1 pair of sandals

1 tent
1 sleepingbag (-3 - 17 Celcius/ 26.6 - 62.6 Fahrenheit)
1 bag of Toilet-gear and First-aid gear

Handbaggage - when flying to the US.
1 bicycle-pedal
1 bicycle helmet
1 raincoat
1 Passport + Visum
1 Planeticket to Newark airport, NJ
Purge with cards and money
1 Ipod
2 bottles for drinking (Water)
2 pairs of bicycle gloves (short and normal gloves)

Luggage when flying to the US.
1 folded BROMPTON
1 Bag with cloth, bicycle-tools, tent etc.

Cloth wearing when flying to the US.
1 bicycle jacket
1 pair of bicycle pants with windstopper
1 Sweatshirt with windstopper
1 pair of bicycle boots
1 pair of tights
1 pair of bicycle socks

18. of January
Got my Visum today
Bought my planeticket today too...
Checkin in Copenhagen, Terminal 2 - at 5 am the 14. of March
Gonna be arriving to Newark, Terminal C - at 12:15 pm - local time, the 14. of March.

This is how My BROMPTON looks like when fully packed.

First Ideas and links.

If u want a good tourbike - visit: or
Here u can assemble the perfect bike for the trip u wanna do.

My new bike is a BROMPTON-bicycle.
A picture of my bicycle will be uploaded asap.
Fastest km/hour = 45,1 - miles/hour = 28,024 - for now - will be updated if I'm going faster some day.

The first 6800 km. is reached.
largest hill driven down and up was near Vejle. It rises 12% for apx. 1 US-mile. Lowest km/h was 2,5 - Largest downhill km/h was 55,4.
Average speed with luggage is now 20km/hour or 16,6 miles/hour
The BROMPTON when used as a trolley.

Links m.m.

Billige flybilletter fra Danmark til alle andre lande/ destinationer:

The visa application for USA:

The US-embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark
When you're on the site and want's to know about any of the states that you're visiting - pres on the: "U.S. Information" - and then: "Intro to the U.S." - at the bottom of the page there's information on each state in the USA.

Miles/ Kilomieters until now.

14-16. of March                              apx. 150 km
17. of March         50,5 km               
18. of March         64,13 km               264,53 km
20. of March         35,68 km               300,31 km
22. of March         71,07 km               371,38 km
Staying with Matt. and Adam (one of Matt's friends in NYC)
27. of March         46,00 km               417,38 km
28. of March         89,00 km               506,38 km
29. of March         63,57 km               569,95 km apx. 350 miles
30. of March         45,37 km               615,32 km
31. of March         55,28 km               671,10 km

2. of April              51,21 km               722,31 km
4. of April              53,00 km               775,31 km apx. 550 miles
5. of April              120,00 km              895,31 km
Stranded in Wheeling, MA
8. of April               91,07 km               986,38 km
9. of April               83,36 km               1069,74 km
10. of April            107,94 km               1177,68 km
11. of April            106,56 km               1284,24 km
12. of April            130,37 km               1414,61 km = 879 miles
13. of April            103,08 km               1517,39 km = 943,07 miles
14. of April            70,79 km                1588,18 km = 987,07 miles
Staying with Jerry, his Girlfriend Susie and Jerry's son Jonathan in Knox, IN.
21. of April            15, 43 km               1603,61 km = 993,63 miles
22. of April                            1010.43 miles
23. of April                            1060.84 miles
24. of April                                        1725,137 km = 1072.18 miles
25. of April                                        1742,836 km = 1083.18 miles
28. of April                                        1852,618 km = 1151.41 miles
29. of April                                        1954,693 km = 1214.85 miles
1. of May                                          2086,132 km = 1296.54 miles
2. of May                                          2183,493 km = 1357.05 miles
3. of May                                          2306,742 km = 1433.65 miles
4. of May                                          2408,978 km = 1497.19 miles
5. of May                                          2536,331 km = 1579.34 miles
6. of May                                          2641,153 km = 1641.55 miles
Staying with Rob in Springfield, MO.
9. of May in Springfield, MO.               2658,068 km = 1652.00 miles
11. of May in Springfield, MO.             2690,546 km = 1672.31 miles
Flew from Springfield, MO --> Dallas, TX --> Portland, OR where Sanja and Angelko picked me up at the airport.
16. of May in Sunriver, OR.               2763,151 km = 1717.31 miles
17. of May in Sunriver, OR.                                   1762.54 miles
Back in Portland, OR staying at Angelkos place with Sanja and his roommates Karley and John.
19. of May                                     2860,061 km = 1777.54 miles
21. of May                                     2896,2 km = 1800.00 miles
22. of May                                                      1827.00 miles
24. of May                                     3016,875 km = 1875.00 miles
25. of May                                     3025,419 km = 1880.31 miles
27. of May                                     3090,149 km = 1920.54 miles
28. of May                                     3163,101 km = 1965.88 miles
29. of May                                     3211,371 km = 1995.88 miles
30. of May                                     3279,609 km = 2038.29 miles
31. of May                                     3357,742 km = 2086.85 miles
1. of June                                     3443,083 km = 2139.89 miles
3. of June                                     3580,218 km = 2225.12 miles
4. of June                                     3614,184 km = 2246.23 miles
5. of June                                     3684,449 km = 2289.90 miles
6. of June                                     3759,010 km = 2336.24 miles
7. of June                                     3846,652 km = 2390,71 miles
8. of June                                     3985,219 km = 2476.83 miles
9. of June                                     4076,468 km = 2533.54 miles
10. of June is also Total in the US:   4183,621 km = 2600.14 miles

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