Good recepies for the world

Nice Guacamole with Antioxidants

4-6 persons or for 1 person over 4-5 days:
6 Avocado
1 whole Garlic
3-5 tbls. Olive oil
2-3 Lemon juice from freshly pressed lemons
4-6 Tomatoes and 2-3 onions

1. Mix all the ingrediens though not tomatoes and onions in a mixer or blend it.
2. Chop the tomatoes and onions to pieces and mix those together.
3. pour the Guacamole in a bowl and put the tomatoe salad, with onions on top of it.
4. If u add fresly pressed lemonjuice the guacamole can hold it's green colour for apx. 5-7 days in the fridge.

Vitamins and Minerals: A,B,C,D,E, Kalium, Calcium, Iron, Zink, Germanium.
Is rich on Vitamin D.
Vitamin D is important for our heart and nerves to function.

Fresh and delicious Tuna-salad

U'll need:

Tuna in water - from cans
Sour Cream or Non-fat yogurt
Chives, cut in pieces

Mix the meat with the Sour Cream and Corn and Chives. And it's ready to be served on a toasted bread or anything u wanna eat with it.
AND it's almost fat-free.

If u want it to be FATTY u can u Mayonaise instead of Sour Cream - But it won't be good for your HEALTH AND UR BODY.

Green and delicious egg-salad

U'll need:

6 eggs
1 broccoli
3-5 tbl. spoons of sour cream

Boil the eggs and cut 'em up.
Put salt'n'pepper'n'curry with em.
Steam and blend the broccoly - then mix it with the sour cream when it's cold.
Finaly mix. the broccoly-cream with the eggs and u have ur salad ready for toasts etc.

Info: If u boil the broccoly instead of steam it - it will loose every vitamins and minerals that it normaly has.

Baked turkey and pasta

This dish have gotten 5 stars out of 5 by Jerry, Susie and Perry from Knox, Indiana.

U'll need this for 4-6 people:
2 lbs of turkey-breast or Chicken without skin. - This u need to dry-fry on a fryingpan and add salt/ pepper and/or paprika/curry/chilli or what ever u want the meat to taste of.
Apx. one third of a gallon, milk. - This u boil in a pot and add flour, stir in it until it gets thicker like gravy or sauce.
Apx. 1 lb of Pasta-skrews. - Boil these until they are "al dente".

Put the meat and the milk in a deep pan that can go into the oven.
Put the pasta on top of it, so it covers all the milk.
Finaly take some white bread and crumble it over the pasta so it covers the pasta.

Set the oven at 400 degrees Fahrenheit / apx. 150-200 degrees Celcius.

When the oven has reach its temperature set the pan in the oven in 15-20 min.

The dish is done when the breadcrumps are brown.

(The breadcrumps will prevent the pasta to get dry in the oven)

The best salad - for real men and women

This salad is great to put in a glassbowl if u have guests.
This salad has not been rated by amaricans yet.

U'll need this for apx. 6 people:
3 Large oniens
6-8 tomatoes
2 cucumbers
half a pound of mushrooms
3-5 red peppers

FETA - it's made of small cubes and is a greek cheese.
Finaly u'll need Green olives with red peppers in 'em.

Dressing: two thirds of Red wine vinegar and one third of Oliveoil + Salt and pepper.

Slice the oniens and tomatoes in boats, Cucumbers in sticks, mushrooms in slices and red peppers in sticks.

Put the oniens in the bottom of the bowl.
Then take the tomatoes on top of the onions so they cover the onions.
Now the cucumber-sticks over the tomatoes.
The Mushrooms over the cucumbers and
The red peppers over the Mushrooms.
Make the dressing and pour it over the salad.

Put the salad in the fridge for at least 4 hours. The longer the salad stays in the fridge the better, though max. 12 hours.

Before serving
Put the greek FETA over the salad as crumps so it covers the salad and put the olives on top of it.

The salad is then served.
If served in a glass bowl u and ur guests will be able to see the colors of this salad from the bottom: White (Onions), Red (Tomatoes), Green (Cucumber), White (Mushrooms), Red (Peppers) and on top: White (FETA), Red and Green (Green olives with Red peppers).

Shrimp salad

This is an almost fatfree and delicious shrimp salad.
This salad has not been rated yet, by amaricans yet.

For 2 persons u'll need:

1 honey dew
1 lime-fruit
apx. 10 FL OZ (65 PT) sour cream
apx. 1 third of a pound shrimps or crap meat.

Slice the honey dew in 2 halfs and remove the beads inside.
Mix the sour cream with the shrimps/ crap meat and put the juice of a half or whole lime fruit, into the salad.

Put the mixed salad in each of the halfs of the melon.
Take a table spoon and begin to eat.
This is how the dish looks like if u serve it, and carve the honey dew out in pieces and lay'em on top of the shrimp/crap-salad.

The best Choclate cake, ever...

U'll need:

1½ lbs of butter (280g)
1½ lbs of sugar (280g)
1½ lbs of choclate (85% choclate mass or more) (280g)
10 eggs

1. Melt the butter, choclate and half the sugar over at hottop.
2. Let it cool down until it's fingerwarm.
3. Divide the yellow from the whites
4. Whip the yellow of the eggs with the choclate one at a time.
5. Whip the whites with the rest of the sugar until it's stiff.
6. Set the oven for 160 degrees Celcius (350-400 degrees Fahrenheit)
7. Take a form and cream it with butter, then put sugar over it so the sugar cover all the sides and the buttom of the form.
8. Stir the whipped whites in the choclate over 3 times.
9. Put 2 thirds of the choclate in the form and set the last third in the fridge.
10. bake the cake for 30-40 min. in the oven.
11. When the choclate in the fridge hit's 5 degrees Celcius (40 degrees Fahrenheit) pour it over the cake.

Has the following vitamins/minerals in it: A,B,D,K, Zink, Calcium, Iod, Selen
Vitamin B2 is good for the eyes.

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